between the desire and the spasm
A. INTJ. companionably reclusive and socially unacceptable; inescapably imperious but emotionally absent; chronically craving and unremittingly remote; and vicariously versed in all manner of vice.

Percé Rock, Gaspé Peninsula, Québec, c.1900
Percé Rock, Gaspé Peninsula, Québec, c.1900

He was a friend…I cared about what I was in his eyes. There is a drawback however. Finding such a person makes everyone else appear so ordinary…and if anything happens to him, you’ve got nothing left but to return to the ordinary world, and a kind of isolation that never existed before.
A dramatised monologue by Alan Turing speaking about Christopher Morcom, from Britain’s Greater Codebreaker

Thy name is woman: female Hamlets of stage and screen (x)

from top l-r: Charlotte Charke (18th century), Sarah Bernhardt (1899), Asta Nielsen (1920), Frances de la Tour (1979), Ruth Mitchell (1992)

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