between the desire and the spasm
A. INTJ. companionably reclusive and socially unacceptable; inescapably imperious but emotionally absent; chronically craving and unremittingly remote; and vicariously versed in all manner of vice.

disease asked:
personal restrictions limit to a single question; though, it's difficult choosing but one. have you kept any remnants from your childhood? (unbound by physical matter)

- Ah, but memories ! A distinct portion of cortical real estate devoted to but a handful of the following:

the aroma of my mother’s cooking (saffron, pepper, garlic); biting the edge of a knife to ascertain its taste; being told to give other children a chance; capturing tadpoles in a homemade net; discovering that my remarkable susceptibility to physical bruises was a small price to pay for my seeming indemnity to internal ones; memorising with great care the map supplements in copies of National Geographic;, getting lost in the Hampton Court maze; hiding a dead rat in my bag so that I could take it home and dissect it later (this plan was thwarted); being repeatedly told ‘no’ (but doing it anyway); hearing my first piano sonata (Schubert, no. 2); constructing internal worlds as is the habit of a child accustomed to desiring solitude.

Wolfgang Suschitzky, Thames, London (1952)
Wolfgang Suschitzky, Thames, London (1952)

Music without ideas is unthinkable, and people who are not willing to use their brains to understand music which cannot be fully grasped at first hearing are simply lazy-minded…Every true work of art to be understood has to be thought about; otherwise it has no inherent life.
— Arnold Schönberg —

Staircase of the Uffizi, Firenze
Staircase of the Uffizi, Firenze

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